At Community Education Research Group, we focus on child development, all while having fun while your child is out of school. If you ever worry that your child’s brain is going to turn to mush or that their video games might actually suck them in, then you need to enroll them in one of our out-of-school day camps!

Our day camps are available during the following school vacation days:

  • Winter break – two weeks
  • Spring break – one week
  • Summer vacation break – Up to three months

Our day camps promote child development in areas and activities such as:

  • Art
  • Science
  • Nature
  • Board games
  • Card games

All activities have a fun weekly theme. Our activities and field trips encompass these exciting themes.

The case for our day camps

Not only are we interested in the success in your child’s development and learning when they’re in school, but maybe even more so when they’re out! In an article featured in Psychology Today, they spoke with over 300 camp directors and learned that camp is amazing for a child’s resilience and overall psychosocial development. Not only are they being challenged, they’re also conquering fears such as forming a new peer group, asking for help, and exploring their world without an adult figure shadowing them.

Not only do our day camps foster new experiences for a child’s development within that structure, it also equips them for their up-and-coming life experiences.

Our camps also cultivate child development in the following ways:

  • Keeping them physically active
  • Unplugging them from technology
  • Promoting unstructured play
  • Fostering social skills and new friendships
  • Connecting with nature

Our day camps are a place where your child will want to be — it’s not school or home — it’s a place for them to learn valuable new skills all while having fun in a safe and exciting space!