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A Child's World For Learning.

Putting your child in daycare is an important decision for any parent or caregiver and knowing they’re in good hands helps ease the stress and anxiety of this transition.

If making the decision to place your child in daycare has come to a head and it’s something that needs to be done, you may feel an overwhelming sense of worry — the time has come for both you and your child to transition. Perhaps you’re going back to work or they’re getting older and need the benefits that daycare can provide.

Whatever your situation for daycare may be, at Community Education Research Group we offer the leading daycare in the DC area in our three convenient locations including Antioch, Minnesota Avenue, and Good Hope Road. Venture into today’s post as we examine what to look for in a quality and affordable daycare facility.


Childcare Services

When it comes to daycare for your child, there are two avenues you can choose:

In-home Daycare

This type of daycare provider functions within a home and this person often cares for their children in addition to welcoming a small number of other children. While many of these daycares have training and are licensed through the state, many are not.

Group Daycare

These types of childcare services are all state-licensed and often run in conjunction with a school or are a stand-alone facility. Many also offer early education programs in toddler and preschool learning.

What are the benefits of daycare?

Daycare, especially one that is group-based, is a wonderful opportunity for your child to learn and grow both mentally and emotionally. Below are just a few of the advantageous benefits of a daycare facility.

Consistent Care

One of the benefits of a group-based daycare is your child will always receive consistent care from the teachers and staff members — you won’t have to worry about someone taking an eye off your child, as they’re always staffed well and set up for the best care. These daycare facilities are also great because they grow with your child — often from an infant to right before they start kindergarten!

Early Education

Even though you may only be signing up for childcare services, your child receives much more. There is often a program in place that teaches your child fundamental skills for their growth and development.


When your child is in group daycare, they are exposed to a lot of other little ones. This exposure better teaches them diversity and empathy, among many other different things.

Flexible Hours

Both an in-home and group-based daycare facility have flexible hours for parents and caregivers who work. They allow for you to drop them off and pick them up as needed and dictated by your work schedule.

While many parents and caregivers dread or even feel guilty for sending their child to daycare, as we’ve explored, it’s actually a great opportunity for them.

We’ve only just begun the conversation on choosing a daycare, so look for part two in the very near future!

To learn more about our affordable daycare in the DC area, reach out to us today!