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A Child's World For Learning.

Learn how an afterschool program benefits your child more than typical child care.

An exceptional afterschool program is more than just child care — not only is your child safe and sound, but there are so many opportunities for social and academic growth. From interacting with their peers to solidifying learning basics, every child can benefit.

Experience the leading child care in our afterschool program at Community Education Research Group. Whether you have you have a kindergartner or almost-teenager, we accommodate our after-school child care for a wide variety of ages. Calm your nerves and anxieties and navigate the benefits of an afterschool program in today’s post.


Put an end to wasted and aimless hours at the end of the school day and launch your child’s afterschool childcare with fun activities that are both stimulating and educational!  

The 6 Benefits of Afterschool Child Care

Afterschool care can be mundane where your child goes to a babysitter and sits in front of the TV, or it can be enlivening while they explore new games, experiments, and have the ability to run around outside!

Afterschool programs drive socialization.

Whether your child loves interaction with others or is still learning social cues, afterschool programs are perfect for kids. When they are playing and learning, naturally, they are building socioemotional skills such as respect, cooperation, and support — thus being able to start a conversation or communicating their needs to others. And, if there are any issues, a staff member is close by to mediate the situation.

Afterschool childcare builds community.

When kids are exposed to a certain group of people and teachers after school day-after-day, they really begin to feel a sense of belonging. A familiar place with familiar people builds friendship and community in their lives. This is one of the first places they can get to know kids they go to school within a different setting and don’t have to navigate the different cliques and social issues they may be confronted with at school.

Afterschool programs provide support, academically.  

An afterschool program is the ultimate environment for a child to get academic support. If a child is struggling with a certain subject, they can get individualized support from a teacher that is not often available in their classroom, and it keeps their evening at home relaxed and calm with their parents.

Childcare afterschool makes learning fun.

Let’s face it, school can be stressful for kids. An afterschool program offers learning that is fun in an informal environment that kids feel less anxious in. They can explore and experiment in science and technology, and explore new interests in music or sports.

Afterschool programs build confidence.

If you have a child with attention or learning issues an afterschool program is more relaxed and may provide an opportunity for them to feel comfortable to explore new things or take risks. Because they feel comfortable and empowered, this leads to a healthier self-esteem.

Afterschool childcare can go beyond sitting in front of the television. Instead, an exceptional program provides your child with academic support and the opportunity to learn new and fun things without the formal pressure of school.

To enroll your child in our leading afterschool childcare program, connect with us today!