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A Child's World For Learning.

Because sometimes it’s a joint effort in daycare preparation for both the parent and child!

There are many milestones you face as a parent which makes life with a little one so bittersweet, and one of them may be the day you decide to place them in daycare. In a perfect world, we would be able to spend all of our time with our child and be there every waking moment in their development, but they need socialization apart from you to explore and navigate this new and exciting world!

Exploration, in addition to DC Common Core Standards, is a highlight of Community Education Research Group — whether your child is here for our child care services or our early education program! Dive deeper and step more confidently into placing your child in daycare in today’s post!


Making the Step Towards Daycare

When a child turns one, this is a big milestone — they’re walking, talking, and beginning to be more independent. They’re making leaps in their language, motor, and social skills and exploration is a key feature of this age group.

It’s also a great time to introduce them to daycare — here they’re exposed to all kinds of people and stimulating activities that fulfill their need to learn and develop.

Having a toddler can be tough for parents to want to sign up for an outside daycare because, yes, toddlers are no longer babies, but they still require much care.

Transitions and milestones can be tough. Below are a couple of considerations to help prepare your little one for daycare.

Communicate the transition.

If your child has never been to daycare before, a month or so before the big day talk about it on a daily basis. Though they may not completely understand what’s fully going on, it won’t come as a complete shock. The more you can communicate about the transition, the more positive light can be shed on it.

Talk them through what will happen, for example: “I’ll drop you off and you’ll play and have a great time with all the teachers and other kids. You may have a snack and even a little nap and then I’ll come and pick you up.”

Always reinforce security, predictability, and reassurance and that you will always be there to get them at the end of the day.    

Tour the daycare.

If it’s possible, stop in a couple of times before they begin daycare and tour the facility. Walk them around the building and point out crucial areas and swing by to meet the teachers so they’ll be a little more familiar with the people when they’re there full time.

Foster a parting routine.

Every toddler will respond differently to saying goodbye and having to go to daycare — some are quite easy as they’re excited and can’t wait to get started with the day, while others are timid and don’t want to separate from their parent or caregiver.  

A goodbye routine can be as easy as giving them a big hug and kiss and reciting a cute mantra — the key to a good routine is to do it consistently, every time you drop them off.

There is much more to cover on preparing your child for daycare, so stick with us for part two!

For additional information on our daycare services and the types of curriculum we follow, reach out today!