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If you’re a working parent or caregiver you know, firsthand, the struggles of finding educational child care services that are both affordable and beneficial for your child. On one hand, childcare services are offered and they’re just that — a place for you to send your kid while you work — and that’s not necessarily offering any sort of educational curriculum. Then there are early education programs that are outrageously expensive yet extremely beneficial. Is there a middle ground of these two options?

At Community Education Research Group, we meld both child care services and early education at our three locations to lend a hand to working parents. We offer the Creative Curriculum for infant, toddlers, preschoolers, in addition to before and after school programs for kindergarten through 12-years at the Antioch facility. Follow along in today’s post and explore with us why educational child care services must be prioritized for working parents and caregivers.


Where Have All The Educational Child Care Services Gone?

In previous presidential administration’s, high-quality child care services were prioritized and better subsidized because of the many benefits it provides such as long-term economic competitiveness and better outcomes for children from diverse economic backgrounds. The reality of early education programs is that they’re effective, yet are still unaffordable for most working parents. Working parents don’t have too many options, because their kids need some sort of childcare, and are left sending them to low-quality daycare centers, which is why educational child care services are so relevant.

What Are Working Parents To Do?

Working parents have but a couple different options when it comes to child care, and even fewer with educational programs. One option is to stay home with the child and educate and care for them themselves, but in the current economy, if there are two parents together, most households rely on two incomes to make it. If you’re a single parent, who is left to support your family?

Another option is to pay for a program out of pocket, but this is a very expensive option. It has been estimated that up to 35.9 percent of a families income is spent on these programs. The last option is to find a federal- or state-funded early childhood program, but the access and quality of the programs in question, is limited. State-funded programs currently only enroll one in four children, leaving a shortcoming in working parents’ educational child care options.

Child Care Options Explored

As we pointed out above, there are very few high-quality and affordable child care services for working parents and caregivers.

Stay tuned for part two, as we examine in-depth the different options parents have when it comes to educational child care services.

You Have An Ideal Option in Community Education Research Group

It can be discouraging trying to find affordable and high-quality child care services. You often are left feeling stressed in having to compromise quality, in addition to trying to choose a program where you trust the teachers and staff with your child. Rest assured, at Community Education Research Group, we are here to help build educational success while keeping their learning environment small, so they get more hands-on help.

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