1. Teaching Preschoolers About Sharing

    Sharing is a crucial skill and sometimes kids just need to be taught how to go about it!   If you’ve ever watched young children play, sometimes they’re inclined to share and sometimes it will end in a full-blown fit. New research suggests that kids actually don’t mind sharing, it’s that th…Read More

  2. What Are DC Common Core Learning Standards? (Part Two)

    In part one of this series, we examined what the DC Common Core standards are and looked at how they’re important, even at the preschool level. Any time an educational program is developed and implemented it creates change, and fear around that change, so naturally, there are critiques surrounding…Read More

  3. Why Teaching Empathy in The Early Education Classroom is Important

    At Community Education Research Group, development of the whole child is crucial for their success in the DC educational system. This is not only incorporating a researched-based curriculum that covers the DC Common Core Standards, but it’s fostering the socioemotional skills such as confidence an…Read More