1. Teaching Generosity in Early Childhood Education

    Help cultivate an attitude of giving to preschoolers!   You’ve heard the critics or the overarching judgment on kids these days — they’re too plugged in and entitled. They demand this and that and expect society to bend at their snaps, so are we missing a vital opportunity to teach generosity…Read More

  2. Help Your Child Stay Engaged This Summer (Part Two)

    Go beyond the screen and foster fun, learning engagement this summer! In part one, we began the conversation on the importance of learning engagement with your little one, beginning with embarking on educational journies right here in DC! We’ll continue with more things you can do with your child …Read More

  3. Help Your Child Stay Engaged This Summer (Part One)

    Summer is a time for kids to be kids, yet fun and engagement can co-exist! As a parent or caregiver, when summer vacation hits, it’s bittersweet. On one hand, it’s nice because the usual school-time schedule can be eased and you all can fall into a rhythm of more sleep and less rigidity, yet on …Read More

  4. What is the Whole Child Approach in Early Education?

    Learn more about how our Common Core Standards can address and better support our kids.   Too often we compartmentalize our emotional health from every other facet, which is where implementing the whole child approach to education is beneficial and crucial to our earliest learners.   At Community …Read More

  5. What is a Helicopter Parent? (Part Two)

    In the first part of this series, we dove into what a helicopter parent is, what it looks like, and why parents do it. In today’s post, we’ll expand on the topic and address why it can be harmful and how to remedy it. Community Education Research Group provides the leading early education and ch…Read More

  6. What is a Helicopter Parent? (Part One)

    How Do Helicopter Parents Interfere With a Child’s Education? Parenting is a lifelong endeavor that ebbs and flows through different stages and seasons of a child’s life. Parenting has been described as “my heart living outside my body.” And, there is no doubt that parents want the best for …Read More

  7. The Need For Physical Activity In Early Childhood (Part Two)

    In part one of this series, we examined why physical activity is so crucial in early childhood including maintaining a healthy weight and increased cognitive functions, and how movement and learning go hand-in-hand. In today’s post, we’ll expand on the need for movement in early childhood, intro…Read More

  8. Educational Child Care Services and The Working Parent (Part Two)

    In part one, we briefly touched on the benefits of educational child care services and how the options for working parents are limited. We began our exploration on delving into where these programs have gone and how child care has dramatically changed from how it was even 50 years ago. In today’s …Read More

  9. Why Teaching Empathy in The Early Education Classroom is Important

    At Community Education Research Group, development of the whole child is crucial for their success in the DC educational system. This is not only incorporating a researched-based curriculum that covers the DC Common Core Standards, but it’s fostering the socioemotional skills such as confidence an…Read More