1. Teaching Preschoolers About Sharing

    Sharing is a crucial skill and sometimes kids just need to be taught how to go about it!   If you’ve ever watched young children play, sometimes they’re inclined to share and sometimes it will end in a full-blown fit. New research suggests that kids actually don’t mind sharing, it’s that th…Read More

  2. Teaching Generosity in Early Childhood Education

    Help cultivate an attitude of giving to preschoolers!   You’ve heard the critics or the overarching judgment on kids these days — they’re too plugged in and entitled. They demand this and that and expect society to bend at their snaps, so are we missing a vital opportunity to teach generosity…Read More

  3. Help Your Child Stay Engaged This Summer (Part Two)

    Go beyond the screen and foster fun, learning engagement this summer! In part one, we began the conversation on the importance of learning engagement with your little one, beginning with embarking on educational journies right here in DC! We’ll continue with more things you can do with your child …Read More

  4. Help Your Child Stay Engaged This Summer (Part One)

    Summer is a time for kids to be kids, yet fun and engagement can co-exist! As a parent or caregiver, when summer vacation hits, it’s bittersweet. On one hand, it’s nice because the usual school-time schedule can be eased and you all can fall into a rhythm of more sleep and less rigidity, yet on …Read More

  5. Implicit Bias and The Preschooler (Part Two)

    Cultivate a classroom where diversity is the norm!   In part one, we looked at what implicit bias is and how educators can work towards addressing their own biases. In today’s post, we’ll move to the classroom and explore how educators can teach kids about implicit bias and combat it in early e…Read More

  6. Implicit Bias and The Preschooler (Part One)

    To be biased is a human trait, but it’s in how we handle it in early education that makes the most impact.   The beautiful thing about the DC area is it is alive and rich with diversity — the twirling cultures and ethnicities are what make this city great. And, no matter how much you’re expos…Read More

  7. What is the Whole Child Approach in Early Education?

    Learn more about how our Common Core Standards can address and better support our kids.   Too often we compartmentalize our emotional health from every other facet, which is where implementing the whole child approach to education is beneficial and crucial to our earliest learners.   At Community …Read More

  8. Championing Creativity in The Preschool Classroom (Part Two)

    Preschoolers are innately and beautifully curious but creativity is not just a natural talent, it’s a skill that can be fostered and developed in the classroom!   In part one, we addressed creativity in the classroom and how to cultivate an environment that challenges preschoolers to be creative …Read More

  9. Championing Creativity in the Preschool Classroom (Part One)

    Preschoolers are naturally curious, and developing a creativity practice sets them up for success in the classroom for years to come. Does our creativity tend to atrophy as we get older? Science seems to think so! NASA developed a longitudinal creativity test and first gave it to preschoolers where …Read More