1. Preparing Your Little One For Daycare (Part One)

    Because sometimes it’s a joint effort in daycare preparation for both the parent and child! There are many milestones you face as a parent which makes life with a little one so bittersweet, and one of them may be the day you decide to place them in daycare. In a perfect world, we would be able to …Read More

  2. The 6 Benefits of Afterschool Programs

    Learn how an afterschool program benefits your child more than typical child care. An exceptional afterschool program is more than just child care — not only is your child safe and sound, but there are so many opportunities for social and academic growth. From interacting with their peers to solid…Read More

  3. What is a Helicopter Parent? (Part Two)

    In the first part of this series, we dove into what a helicopter parent is, what it looks like, and why parents do it. In today’s post, we’ll expand on the topic and address why it can be harmful and how to remedy it. Community Education Research Group provides the leading early education and ch…Read More

  4. What is a Helicopter Parent? (Part One)

    How Do Helicopter Parents Interfere With a Child’s Education? Parenting is a lifelong endeavor that ebbs and flows through different stages and seasons of a child’s life. Parenting has been described as “my heart living outside my body.” And, there is no doubt that parents want the best for …Read More

  5. What Are DC Common Core Learning Standards? (Part Two)

    In part one of this series, we examined what the DC Common Core standards are and looked at how they’re important, even at the preschool level. Any time an educational program is developed and implemented it creates change, and fear around that change, so naturally, there are critiques surrounding…Read More

  6. What Are DC Common Core Learning Standards? (Part One)

    If you’ve been exploring local preschool programs you may have encountered programs, such as ours, that follow DC Common Core learning standards. This may seem serious for kids just entering the school system, but in DC, it’s very deliberate and intentional to guide kids towards educational succ…Read More