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A Child's World For Learning.

  1. 5 Tips For Talking to Your Child About Coronavirus

    It’s important to include kids in the COVID-19 conversation! Coronavirus news is affecting many parts of our society, and the news of it is everywhere. There are travel restrictions, closures, and precautions being taken in schools and businesses. From newspapers to online publications, many adults may have to confront how to address this issue with their small child.  At Community Education Re…Read More

  2. Teaching Kids About Personal Hygiene

    Create healthy habits today! In the midst of cold and flu season and all the developing news on the Coronavirus, it’s important to teach kids about personal hygiene, both at home and in the classroom.  At Community Education Research Group in DC, we offer the premier preschool and early education in three convenient locations. Take a moment with us today and learn the best tips at helping kids …Read More

  3. Learning Standards For Preschoolers In DC

    Grasp more of the learning standards your child will be exposed to in our early childhood education program! The purpose of early learning standards for pre-kindergarten-aged kids in DC is to better prepare them for entering kindergarten, thus the educational system. These standards are upheld in all facilities from community-based early care, family child care, private or public pre-kindergarten,…Read More

  4. The Call For A Great Before And Afterschool Program In DC! (Part Two)

    Learn more about what a thriving before and after school program provides! In part one, we examined why before and afterschool programs are needed — not only are they a place for kids to thrive in their growth and development, but a needed resource for working parents and caregivers. In today’s post, we’ll explore more about what makes a great before and after school program. If you didn’t…Read More

  5. The Call For A Great Before And Afterschool Program In DC! (Part One)

    Because all kids deserve access to affordable and quality before and after school care. For many parents and caregivers, childcare before and after school is a necessity more than it is a luxury, after all, not every parent works a traditional 9 to 5 job and needs a place where their kids can thrive safely both before and after school. And, the encouraging part about these programs is that they’…Read More

  6. Teaching Your Toddler About Safety (Part Two)

    Because it’s vital to teach your child now so they can stay safe and feel confident when you’re away!  As your child grows and begins preschool or an early education program, it’s important that they feel confident and can stay safe in the different environments they encounter. In part one, we addressed stranger safety and gun safety, but there are many other things that you can talk with y…Read More

  7. Teaching Your Toddler About Safety (Part One)

    As your toddler begins to explore the world around them and become more independent, it’s vital to teach them about safety in a way that doesn’t scare them. With each year that passes, your toddler is getting older — they’re hitting development milestones and seeking independence. This might even be a time when you begin thinking about daycare or preschool. It’s hard to loosen the reigns…Read More

  8. How To Establish A Morning Routine With Your Preschooler!

    Routines are like a fine wine — they get better with time! Learn how to build a solid morning routine with your preschooler.  It’s back to school season and whether your little one is in our preschool education program or in our DC daycare, chances are, the mornings are rough! When a child is not used to change — getting up and going in the morning — this can cause many meltdowns, frictio…Read More

  9. Teaching Preschoolers About Sharing

    Sharing is a crucial skill and sometimes kids just need to be taught how to go about it! If you’ve ever watched young children play, sometimes they’re inclined to share and sometimes it will end in a full-blown fit. New research suggests that kids actually don’t mind sharing, it’s that they don’t understand what they have to share. It’s all in the connection between the understanding o…Read More

  10. Teaching Generosity in Early Childhood Education

    Help cultivate an attitude of giving to preschoolers! You’ve heard the critics or the overarching judgment on kids these days — they’re too plugged in and entitled. They demand this and that and expect society to bend at their snaps, so are we missing a vital opportunity to teach generosity in early childhood education to the tiniest citizens of the world?  At Community Education Research G…Read More