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A Child's World For Learning.

Because all kids deserve access to affordable and quality before and after school care.

For many parents and caregivers, childcare before and after school is a necessity more than it is a luxury, after all, not every parent works a traditional 9 to 5 job and needs a place where their kids can thrive safely both before and after school. And, the encouraging part about these programs is that they’re also supportive of your child’s growth and development!

At the Community Education Research Group at our Antioch facility in DC, we provide parents, caregivers, and kids alike with a quality before and after school program giving kids the advantage to grow both academically and emotionally. Spend some time with us today as we venture into what makes a before and after school flourish. 

Why We Need Before And Afterschool Programs In DC

The answer to why DC needs a great before and after school program may be more layered than what we first see, but really it comes down to a safe place where kids can be. 

But, this isn’t always so cut and dry. In a perfect world, a child could attend any before and after school program, and it wouldn’t be an issue, but in today’s climate, paying for childcare is outrageous and leaves those who don’t work traditional hours at a disadvantage. 

Since before and after school childcare is so expensive it doesn’t leave many affordable options out there for working parents and caregivers. What it really comes down to is, we need before and after school care for kids to create support for parents and an environment where kids can thrive both academically, socially, and emotionally. 

What Does A Thriving Before And Afterschool Program Promote?

Apart from being a safe and affordable place parents and caregivers to take their kids, there are many things to look for in a good childcare program. Let’s examine them more closely below.


Kids need to have a place before and after school where they can be themselves, but in a supportive environment that offers some structure. A school day is long so it’s important for kids to be kids — before and after school programs are a great place for them to play outside and get fresh air. 

It’s also a place for them to work with teachers if they need additional help in school, so having both a time for schoolwork and a time for play built-in is crucial. At the end of the day, a great before and after school program will implement a productive use of time where the time is semi-structured and kids can get things done but also have fun at the same time. 

It takes more to be a quality before and after school program!

Not only is quality before and after school care greatly needed for parents and caregivers, but it’s a place for kids to develop and enhance many important skills that will make them successful in their education. 

There is much more to cover on what makes a thriving before and after school program, so look for part two very soon!

For more information about our childcare before and after school in DC, connect with us today.